Beguiling Bingo

When seeking to evaluate any online gambling site, a number of concepts immediately come to mind. The first of which is often the website’s general vibe. Serious? Lighthearted? Ridiculous? Inappropriate? Simply put, this is Dust Bowl USA. Weird? Beaky Bingo, on the other hand, falls squarely into the cheerful genre. The affable parrot – not that we’re tropical bird experts – serves as a kind of mascot for the establishment, and you can practically see him squawking witty jokes at you while you play. However, there is an issue, and it goes well beyond whether or not this brand concept makes any sense at all.

Beaky Bingo seems to have been created in the late 1990s. The design is unfinished and unpolished, giving the appearance that everything are a bit, well, worn out. Everything from the typeface to the images to the outline to the background colors is quite low—notably so, which says something given we’ve examined a good several slot-only sites in our time, and they sometimes resemble the back room of a run-down tavern.

It’s All About Logic, Not Appearances

Fortunately, what the site lacks in visual appeal it compensates for with usefulness, or rather rationality as a focus point for overall design. Things—by which we mean choices, click-through connections, and information—are located where they should be. While this does not scream ‘unique,’ there is a very good reason why so many casino and bingo sites utilize the same same style, and it has nothing to do with distracting poor desperate reviewers like us.

Simply said, if something isn’t broken, what’s the sense of even considering a fix? Be it fast or not. As such, scrolling down the Beaky landing page reveals the corporate identity and logo, followed by a row of menu items that may be clicked to access certain portions of the website. Underneath this is something a bit ‘different,’ and by ‘different,’ we mean grasping at the flimsiest of possibilities — an internet radio station devoted to gambling soundtracks. We’re not sure what this means precisely, but let’s just say that anybody searching for anything remotely cutting-edge will likely be disappointed.

Following that comes a giant banner advertisement touting the website’s sign up offer, which isn’t half terrible, but we’ll get to it later. Finally, you’ll find a variety of thumbnail picture links that will take you to certain sections of the website. While not new, this approach to site design makes perfect sense; it’s just a pity that the site seems as if it’s being seen through a really weak, grainy camera lens, impairing clarity and picture quality to an extreme. Thus, first impressions would imply that this was once magnificent, but has fallen into ruin.

How Does It Function?

True, a valid point. We’ve already discussed the site’s design extensively. Not that we would ever agree with someone who argues that design is unimportant as a factor to consider during a review. Nonetheless, we’ve all come here to play, so let’s talk about how these games are. To be sure, this is not a poor pick, but it is far from ideal. This is exacerbated further by the fact that the website, once again, seems to be unpolished… You are aware.

By selecting the Games option from the top menu row, you’ll be taken directly to the games area’s first tab – Featured Games. You’ll find a tiny selection of games featured here, presumably owing to their popularity and (or possibly) the website’s goal to have you playing these particular titles.

Slots with Bonus Rounds and Progressive Jackpots

Tab over from here and you’ll find Featured Slots. Again, these are games that are actively promoted to you for one reason or another, and it does help to separate the slots from the rest, even in the Featured context, because some people will be here solely for the slots, which means they can immediately see which slots are the most recommended without having to trawl through any other type of game.

Another tab over and you’ll find the self-explanatory Jackpot Slots. To be fair, it’s not quite self-explanatory considering that all slots have progressive jackpots, so let’s clarify- these are the slots that feature accumulative wins. Another option above offers Scratch Cards, which are exactly what they sound like—digital replicas of the cards you get at corner shops—simply scratch to see if you’ve won (or click to watch some rudimentary animation demonstrate what would happen if these cards were real and you scratched them).

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