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Endemol Games was established by John de Mol and Joop van den Ende in 1994. Astute readers will discern that the appellation “Endemol” amalgamates the surnames of its two progenitors. The organization focuses on providing gaming, wagering, and cross-platform entertainment programming for over 30 countries. The United States does not appear to be at the top of their list of countries in which they wish to serve. The United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Italy, Canada, Sweden, and Bulgaria are Endemol’s largest markets.

Interactive attractions including gambling machines, web-based gaming applications, game shows, reality TV, children’s programming, comedy, drama, and digital media have been produced, developed, and crafted by Endemol for years. Big Brother (sold in over 40 countries), Wipeout (in 30 countries), The Money Drop (in approximately 50 countries), Fear Factor (in 30 countries), and the ever-popular Deal or No Deal (in approximately 75 countries) are among the media platforms that the company has distributed in numerous nations.

Development of Endemol Games

Endemol Games was acquired by the Spanish telecommunications and media conglomerate Telefonica for €5.5 billion in 2000. In 2005, 25 percent of Endemol was subsequently made public. Two years later, on May 14, 2007, the consortium Edam Acquisition, which is owned by the family of Silvio Berlusconi, acquired 75% of Endemol’s shares. The consortium declared its ownership of 99.54% of Endemol as of August 6, 2007, and stated its intention to acquire the residual shares.

Since then, Endemol has expanded its market share through the acquisition of elder production companies or by entering new markets.
Endemol Gaming became a shareholder in Reshet, an Israeli Channel 2 licensee, in December 2013. Endemol subsequently acquired Reshet in its entirety and rebranded itself as Endemol Israel.

Endemol ultimately opted to operate under the name “Endemol Shine Group” subsequent to a sequence of corporate mergers and investments. This joint venture, valued at $674 million, was established in a 50/50 split between 21st Century Fox and Apollo Global Management. Because of this new business structure, EG’s global agenda has been altered in an unprecedented manner.

Currently, game development, land-based gaming, consumer-facing, lotteries, mobile platforms, and social media are Endemol’s primary concerns.

Members of Endemol Games Partners
The “partners” page of Endemol Games showcases an extensive roster of companies that are essentially who’s who in the online casino wagering sector.

The following are some of the companies that appear on that list:

Atronic Gaming is a manufacturer of gambling machines based primarily in Europe.
They develop in excess of two hundred unique slot machine titles.

The Boss Media
This is one of the earliest names in online casino software providers, but they recently changed their name to GTECH Gaming.

Gamesys is an additional English-based slot machine design and manufacturing company that serves casinos and wagering organizations.

Elizabeth Betfred
Having been in operation since 1967, this is among the most ancient bookmakers in the United Kingdom. They now maintain an extensive online presence.

Betfair Inc.

They do not even identify as a sportsbook or casino.
They have been operating as a wagering exchange since 1999. Additionally, their main place of operation is within the United Kingdom.

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